Anteverted uterus with thin endometrium?

Anteverted uterus with thin endometrium? Me and my husband s sumséparément of the active miles. us commençons to see one the other during holiday(s) or so i is not occupied to work. i has reçu only the November 2007 last surrounding wall for 6 weeks. my work requires that I am in the field 90% of my time. when me and my collègues went to this ethnic community, i didn, \'t knows that i was enclosed. my pmenstrual ériode varies from time to time, ranges of 29-38 days. aprof this long walk to the ethnic community, i smelled like the pain in my stomach that couldn i\'t displaces during some times. i thought, i has been supposed to have my period rightly because i has dysmenorrhea qui\'s why i didn\'t pay an attention to him. aprof one week, my husband convinced me to test if i was enclosed. terrific, i got two stripes but the color were pale enough. therefore, i is allé to this obgyne but she/it said that it say too early. she/it has demandé that I even come back after 2weeks.she prescribed me to buy relievers of the pain. therefore, i has décidé to go to this private obgyne. she/it has confirmé this i was enclosed. aprof one week, i had a miscarriage November 2007, which the obgyne said the normal for 1st pregnancy. i is himself husbandé last dec 2006.i had an ultrasonic sound with the diagnosis uterus of the normal anteverted of size with thin endometrium, and the two normal ovaries. the adnexae: the ovary of the right is (2.57x1.99x1.42 centimètre) posterolateral while the left ovary is lateral (2.28x1.89x1.50 centimeter). without caractabnormal eras noted, no cyst of the nabothian, no fluid in the bag of the of the ass. what makes these mean?further, my the husband\'s doesn, \'t wants to undergo the analysis of the semen because he/it said that he/it became pregnant to me, although, thiswas vain. he/it also said as the problème maybe, is me because of my dysmenorrhea since i was 12. is indeed this a problème for me not to get the two to pregnant again?we doesn\'t have problems of the barrenness in our families. but untilto now, we take encore\'t have a child. i\'m only 27 and my husband is 30.pls years old. i needs answers.thank you and b godénissez... Abuse of the Report by kuppkake

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all it tests results you described is normal... you had a miscarriage that is only common enough rightly as they said the youthis should not affect future preganancies, your ultrasonic sound showed all normal


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